A Story of My Travels

August 6, 2019

William Archer

 Well, people see all the travelling that I do, and ask me what it's like, so I thought that I'd share a small story about one of my trips which was quite a few years ago now.

 The first rule when it comes to my profession is that they don't drill for oil and gas in resorts generally. You're usually somewhere that will never make a tourist brochure, where you must have armed guards because people want to kill you for being there, and nothing more. Or best case you get treated like a third-class citizen because you don't belong in their country.

 Anyways, I was electrical supervisor for a company, and one of my guys was having problems with an old electrical system in Bangladesh. After flying for an ungodly amount of time, I landed in Dhaka, the capital. The city looked as if it were the place where dreams went to die at the time, as you could see ambitious projects that had died somewhere along the way. Decrepit buildings, unfinished roadways, and crumbling buildings made up this city of millions ate the time.

 I had the pleasure of arguing with one of the most corrupt customs agencies in the world to enter this fallen paradise. I then met other members of the drilling company and got taken out to the rig.

Not to add too much to this, but the travel to the rig was scarier than any ride that you could find at Disney. The road was bare wide enough for two compact cars. That is before the two steady streams of humanity on either side, the occasional buffalo, and the seemingly physics defying dump trucks that we passed, all at 100 kph. I was astounded that we made it to the rig without damage to the SUV, let alone alive.

 Upon making it to the rig, one of the first things that I was happy for was the chain link fence and security guards, as people were coming from up to 10 kilometers away to see what they called,' The big metal tree', because they'd never seen anything remotely similar to a drilling rig.

 Anyways, I do what needs to be done to fix the rig and help solve other issues to help restore the reliability of the power system, which takes about three weeks total. So now it was time to head back to Dhaka for the night before flying back to Canada.

 After approximately three near death experiences heading back on the road that I described earlier, we came into the outskirts of Dhaka. Just as we were heading under an overpass, the SUV overheated and the engine died, causing us to coast to a stop directly under the overpass on the side of the road. Instantly the car was surrounded by the poor and starving, who were rocking the vehicle and beating on the windows and doors. I couldn't see anything through the crowd it was that thick, and there was nothing that we could do other than wait for the engine to cool down.

 Then out of nowhere, this little girl, who then was around the age of my daughter, is at my window holding her brother, who was close to the same age as my son, begging for something, anything that I could give them.

 I still don't know what the look on my face was, but the driver had a look of fear, and said,' Whatever you do, don't open that window, because we will be dead.' It was then that he tried the ignition, and the vehicle finally started, and we were able to escape.

 I can still close my eyes today and see that little girl and her brother, and still wish that there was something, anything, that I could've done to help them.

 This is just one of the many trips that I've made all over the planet.

 Now I watch what is going on in North America today, with the divisiveness, the identity politics, and the victim-hood, and the need for people to blame someone else for their problems, and feel a profound sadness coupled with frustration. They have no idea how well that they have it here, no matter what their problems are.

 Over the past while, I've been called a racist, and have had people condemn me for the color of my skin. I’ve seen claims of being a xenophobe for wanting a proper immigration system that helps both the immigrant and Canada. I've even been told that you can't be racist to a white person, while I've watched exactly that happen. I thought we had put this behind us and were working to treat each other as equals and love one another for who we are. I have worked with more people from more places then most people will meet in their lifetime. I myself follow the late Dr. King Jr’s advice, and judge people by the content of their character.

 Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be what is happening, as the other parties and media seem to have this view that the problems are solely caused by the other side, without realizing that they are as much to blame.  We need to start seeing the good in each other and start having constructive conversations where we find common ground rather then launching the personal attacks that seem to be rampant.

 We don't need to agree with each other completely, but we need to find the common ground that will make us all better. I believe that we can get back to this with the People’s Party of Canada, and it is why I have chosen to put myself out there as the candidate for Cumberland-Colchester. I remember what I’ve seen in my travels and want to ensure that we have a Canada where we won’t have children begging on the street.