Biography of the candidate, William (Bill) Archer

  I grew up in the Eastern Passage- Cole Harbour area. I had asthma and hay fever as a child that was severe, and almost died 3 times before the age of 10. I am a second generation immigrant on my father's side, and on my mom's side my french Acadian family had their lands taken and were expelled in 1755 in New Brunswick as part of the expulsion. They were lucky enough to be able to return and reclaim their farm after the war had ended.

My father was from Sarnia, Ontario originally and was a member of the RCN for 15 1/2 years, and DND for 17 1/2 years after that. My mother grew up in Saint Louis de Kent just outside of Saint John, New Brunswick, and worked for 45 years with Coopers and Lybrand which became Price Waterhouse Coopers. She was an insolvency administrator.

I graduated from Cole Harbour High in 1990 with honors, and proceeded to go to MSVU to work towards a degree in architecture. I was working summers as a labourer for an electrical construction company to pay for tuition, and found that I enjoyed the trade far more then I did university. Upon finishing my second year in 1991 I went full time into the electrical trade.In late 1996 I got laid off and could find any substantial work in the HRM. So I took a chance and went West. I originally started out in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, and ended up moving down to Calgary and started work in the oil and gas industry in 1997.

In 2001 I started working internationally, and managed to set foot on every continent except Antarctica in that time. I have gone from Tuktoyuktuk NWT in January at -52 to being in Chad Africa a month later where it was 32 at 11PM, and have worked with just about every race, religion, and culture that there is.

I am married with two boys, and I have a daughter from an ex that lives in Dartmouth with my grandson. I have been living in Amherst since 2007, and currently travel to the middle east for work.

I got involved seriously in politics at the provincial level in 2017 when I ran as a candidate for the Atlantica Party for Cumberland North. I originally intended to be a paper candidate, but when I had the opportunity and made it to the debate in Pugwash my fate was sealed. That was when I realized that you don't need to have a career in politics, you just need to have a desire to do what is right.

I served as a member of the executive of the Atlantica Party until May of 2018, when my mother lost her battle with cancer and I accepted my current job.I got involved with the PPC because a lot of their policies are similar to what the Atlantica Party had, and after meeting both Maxime Bernier and Andrew Scheer, I see Mr. Bernier as the leader that I want to follow and support.

I believe that the People’s Party of Canada can bring forth a common sense revolution that will benefit all Canadians, and I am willing to fight for the future of Canada and our children.

I hope that this is sufficient, but if you have any further questions, please feel free to ask.  


William (Bill) Archer


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Just a quick update to let everyone know that not only has nomination been confirmed with Elections Canada, but I am the first confirmed candidate in the cumberland-Colchester riding!

Thats what ill take to Ottawa if elected, an attitude of getting things done without delay.




100TH Amherst POW camp

Just my feedback on what I witnessed today. It's time to get politics back to representing the people who elect us.